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Recruitment marketplace HeyPeople is a sourcing process based on an international network of professional recruiters.
Our recruiters create a professional community, where recruitment specialists from various industries are involved in talent acquisition projects for our clients.
Are you a recruiter?
As a recruiter you work flexible for the best employers in Europe. You have the freedom to act on your own bases and, we support you when you need it. We care about you and your results. Together, we form one team, where you can learn from the experience of other recruiters, be supported by recruitment marketing, take part in training and workshops. You earn money on recruitment or recommendation, and you can diversify your sources of income by combining HeyPeople work with other professional projects.
What distinguishes our team?
Our community is characterized by freedom and independence of action, as well as our common features and values:
 Quality of work, the highest recruitment standards;
 Putting the candidate at the center of attention;
 Focus on continuous development;
 Proactivity and courage in implementing projects;
 Focus on the result and action.


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